Spicy Thai Fish Cakes with Dipping Sauce

It is quite amazing how a delicate fish like snapper can take the heat of chilli and other strong spices and still have its flavour come through. These spicy little fish cakes have a strong Thai influence and have a really nice kick.



Serves 2-4 people

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 5 minutes



1kg snapper fillets

250 grams round green beans (Blanched and finely chopped)

2-3 teaspoons of red curry paste (Store bought is fine)

1tablespoon corn flour

1 egg white

1 tablespoon fish sauce



In a food processor add snapper, red curry paste, cornflour, fish sauce and egg white. Blend until well combined. Be careful not to over blend into a paste. Turn mixture out into a bowl and add round beans and mix well. If mixture is a little wet add some more corn flour.

Take small handfuls of the mixture and form into balls then flatten so that fish cakes are about 3 cm thick, then shallow fry the fish cakes until dark golden brown. Serve with dipping sauce and sticky rice or steamed jasmine rice and a cooling salad made from fresh pineapple and cucumber.

spicy thai fish cakes.JPG

Dipping sauce

There are hundreds of variations to dipping sauces ranging from sweet and hot right through to very salty and sour. Vary the ingredients shown to find the combination that most suits your own palette by adding more or less of some of the ingredients.



3 tablespoons of fish sauce

1 tablespoon of dark sesame oil

3 slices of fresh ginger

Juice of 2 limes

5 tablespoon Japanese Soya sauce

1 small Thai chilli (Remove seeds if you like it milder)

Fresh coriander

2-4 tablespoons of palm sugar or brown sugar



Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan except the coriander. Heat gently until sugar has fully dissolved. Pour dipping sauce over chopped coriander in small serving bowl.