Originally served with thinly sliced beef Carpaccio has developed into a Mediterranean style raw fish dish that incorporates citrus and salty ingredients to lift the flavour and texture of raw snapper.


Serves 4 entrée size

Preparation time 15minutes

Cooking time 0




500 grams of snapper fillets

Salted capers

Black kalamata olives

Extra virgin olive oil

Finely sliced Fennel bulb and tips (Optional)

1x lemon

Sea salt

Black Pepper

Fresh coriander

Fresh basil

Fresh flat leaf parsley

Crusty loaf



Slice fillet into thin pieces and place each piece between two pieces of cling film and gently flatten with a rolling pin to form very thin slices of fish. Spread slices on a large platter and squeeze with lemon juice. Finely chop sweet basil, coriander leaves and parsley. Sprinkle herbs over snapper fillets. Dress with a table spoon of salted capers that have been rinsed and a handful of kalamata olives. Drizzle lightly with good quality extra virgin olive oil. Season with course ground black pepper and a light sprinkle of sea salt. Serve with crusty rustic bread.